Information about the competition

The Scandinavian Memory Open 2018 will take place in Gothenburg on the 21-22 of April as part of Vetenskapsfestivalen. The first day also comprises the Gothenburg Championships for the Swedish competitors living in and around Gothenburg.

The competition is DIGITAL in the Memory League format using the Memory League software. Please make sure you have an account and that you are familiar with the format.

Venue: Nordstan in centre of Gothenburg
Event type: Memory League competition format

09.00 – 17.00 Saturday and Sunday 21-22:nd of April

Saturday 17.45 – Price ceremony for the Gothenburg Championships
Sunday 17.45 – Price ceremony for the Skandinavian Open Championships

More detailed schedule will be posted as soon as we have it!

To register, follow the instructions below: Följ processen nedan för att er anmälan ska bli klar:

  1. Fill the form to the right
  2. Pay the registration fee (see prices below)
  3. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us!

Price to participate:

  • Adult and Senior, 500 SEK
  • Junior, 300 SEK
  • Children, 100 SEK
  • Students and retired, 100 SEK
  • First time competitor – free!

Included in the price is a one year membership to the Swedish Memory Sports Council. If you are already a member, you only pay half the price mentioned above.

Warm welcome to Gothenburg for some memory battle!


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Please note: In order for your registration to be complete, you need to transfer the registration fee to BankGiro 668-9228. We need to have your payment latest the 10:t of April for you to have a guaranteed spot. If it is your first time competing in a memory competition, the participation is free so we will confirm your spot.

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