Information about the competitions

Scandinavian Memory League Open 2019 will take place in Lund on the 2-3 of February. It will be a two day memory league competition. Competitiors from the nordic countries will take part in the Scandinavian competition as well as the Scandinavian Memory League Open, SMLO. International competitors take part only in SMLO.

Please note the following: The competition will be arranged on the Memory League website. Make sure you have an active account there, otherwise you cannot compete. Ask the organizers if you are unsure about how it works. All competitors MUST bring their own computers.

The venue is Katedralskolans Assembly hall (Aula) in the heart of Lund, Sweden.

Venue: Katedralskolan, Lund
Event type: Memory League competition over 2 days

10.00 – 17.00 Saturday and Sunday 2-3 of February 2019

Saturday 10.00-17.00

Qualification competition to the finals on Sunday. There will also be a ranking round for the top competitors to decide who plays who during the finals on Sunday.



10.00-12.00 Quarterfinals

13.00-15.30 Semifinals and final

16.30 – Price ceremony.


To register, follow the instructions below: Följ processen nedan för att er anmälan ska bli klar:

  1. Fill the form to the right
  2. Pay the registration fee (see prices below)
  3. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us!

Price to participate:

  • Adult and Senior, 500 SEK
  • Junior, 300 SEK
  • Children, 100 SEK
  • Students and retired, 100 SEK
  • First time competitor – free!

Payment is made to PayPal – or via bank transfer to:

IBAN SE79 8000 0810 5994 3880 1236

Included in the price is a one year membership to the Swedish Memory Sports Council (Svenska Minnesförbundet). If you are already a member, you only pay half the price mentioned above.

Warm welcome to Lund for some epic memory battle!


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Please note that your payment must be registered for your registration to go through. Payment is preferably made via PayPal to For payment via bank transfer see information to the left.

You must have your own computer to be able to participate!

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